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Hiring Fred

Promotional Work

Often Fred works with local companies, brands, or individuals to create personalized videos for promotional purposes. If you are also looking to hire him to create materials to promote your company or product, reach out to him. Blending his vibrant and creative filmmaking style with your needs is Fred's specialty, putting a lot of emphasis on collaboration and fine-tuning a polished final product.

Pricing and rates can be discussed via email or through an in-person meeting. Depending on the scope of your project and what your needs are, prices for video production may vary. 



Send and email to with some details about the project. What do you need? What's your budget? Who is your target audience? Do you have a specific mood or feel in mind?


Then meet up and talk in person so both you and Fred can collaborate on ways to make your ideas come to life. 


Depending on the size and scope of the project you need,  Fred will deliver a creative and energetic project that reflects you or your company's needs. Then discuss any changes you might need to create the perfect result.



Film & Music Video

Everything from short films to music videos and documentaries. Fred's projects vary in style and subject matter, but what remains true across is his heart and dedication to his craft. Below, you can find examples of each facet of Fred's filmmaking history. 



Get in touch



Reaching out to Fred is easy. Just send an email! You can also find him across various social networks.




About Fred

Fred Gebhardt is a San Francisco-based filmmaker who was originally born in Germany and immigrated to California's Bay Area at the age of five.

Through making films, Fred hopes to use his creative vision to explore the various stories that make the world and its communities so alive, while also shining a light on issues that are close to his heart like mental health, social justice, and activism.

Since living in San Francisco, Fred has been heavily involved in community service around the city in his free time. He was sainted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and dubbed "Saint Reel 2 Real 4 Reals!" and continues to work with the group.

— Fred Gebhardt